About us

Kari Poutiainen
Creator, puh. 050-5478707

Forest care in your backyard

We all have the desire to take a moment for ourselves without haste, to stop for a moment during our journey. Sometimes it can be difficult in a world full of stimuli. Because Lapland’s nature has a magic way of quieting down and calming one’s mind, we wanted to develop something for people that would remind us of that peace. That is how our first products were created: Pine Sauna, Pine Chalet and Pine Patio. They are experience rooms where it is easy for one to concentrate on what matters. The chance to live a moment in peace, slow down and let the beauty of nature speak.

The goal was to design the architecture and features of Pineart’s experience rooms so that they could seamlessly exist in both the forest and the city. The unique space for calming can be part of a summer cottage or a house, in your backyard, for example. The energy needed for the buildings is primarily produced self-sufficiently and in this way, the different phases of the process are as natural as can be. Extensive experience and solid expertise in wood have a central role in the design and functionality of the products. Our products have a strong handmade feel to the last detail.

The Karhun Käpälä bear paw stamp is there to signal that our products have been made with respect for nature’s true beauty and with care for the environment. The primary material of the Pine products is Nordic pine with dense wood fibres whose resiliency and strength make it ideal for building. In addition, wood is a 100% renewable natural resource. We use natural materials to treat the wood surface and for heat insulation.

Pineart’s goal is to let nature speak. Our products were born in the forest and their message is simple: Calm down and enjoy the wonders of just being!

Story of Pineart

A wall of solid pine trees borders expansive wetlands, marking the beginning of the Lapland fen. You pause at the edge of the fen, realizing it would make the most wonderful spot for a campfire. The surrounding forest is ancient, silhouetted against the encircling swamp. In the distance, tree-covered hills highlight the expansive wilderness. Here and there, pine stumps are visible reminders of past generations who have also visited this spot. Their cuttings provide you with wood for the fire, warming you with more than just flame. The rough, grey bark burns away, revealing the smooth, aromatic heartwood within. Seated on one of the aged stumps, you relax and enjoy the moment, admiring the fire and feeling the connection to nature...

Lapland’s nature has a magic way of quieting down and calming one’s mind.


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