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pine sauna M

The sauna is available in three different sizes and can be customized in many ways to suit your needs.

Large glass surfaces inside the sauna are exciting the opposite of rough, primordial wood. They like steam in the steam room, but they do not stop the flow of light. In addition to the glass walls, the saunas are equipped with a dressing room with glass roof, allowing the view of the sky and the light rays into sauna experience.


29 900 €

VAT 24%



There are two different equipment types for the Pine Sauna: Wild and Urban. Wild is for those who desire a self-sufficient and primitive sauna, while Urban is for those who value ease and comfort. Saunas with the Wild equipment are also granted the Karhun Käpälä stamp. It speaks of our product’s natural materials, of the most ecological production methods possible, and of the time-enduring structures. The Käpälä stamp, a life-sized bear paw, is carved into the outer wall by hand.

  • LOG AND COLORS: Pine 134 x 134 mm, outside brushed, natural, pitch, gray, tar
  • SUPPLY CONTENT: Product always ready to use, terms of delivery
  • WILD EQUIPMENT: Wood-heated heater with drain, with or without water heater, solar power plant, ed lighting and 12 volt electrical system with battery
  • URBAN EQUIPMENT: Stove with water pan or without a tailor-made 230-volt electric system, heating option, customized water system
  • ADDITIONAL ANALYSIS: Artistic, placement, glass solutions, shower rooms, indoor flooring materials, project design and implementation, land works as well as establishing a service
  • WEIGHT: 4-6 tons
  • MODULES: Sauna, terrace, dressing room, sauna on the terrace, dressing room
  • PORTABILITY: The saunas are portable

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