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pine chalet S

Chalet S is ideally suited for relaxation or part of a wider area, alongside the sauna. Chalet is an ambience with a high-quality glass case and clear-cut lighting.


• Fireplace
• Part of the accommodation concept
• Along the sauna

PRIce starts from
22 900 € alv 0%


There are two different equipment types for the Pine Chalet: Wild and Urban. Wild is for those who desire a self-sufficient and primitive Chalet, and Urban is for those who value ease and comfort. Chalets with the Wild equipment are also granted the Karhun Käpälä stamp. It speaks of our product’s natural materials, of the most ecological production methods possible, and of the time-enduring structures. The Käpälä stamp, a life-sized bear paw, is carved into the outer wall by hand.

  • COLORS Natural, pitch, gray, tar
  • SUPPLY CONTENT Product always ready to use, terms of delivery
  • WILD Solarpower, fireplace, LED lighting and 12 volts electrical system with battery
  • URBAN 230V electrical system
  • ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGES Artistic, placement, glass solutions, shower rooms, interior materials, project design and implementation, groundwork and foundation service
  • SQUARE METER 10-20m2
  • WEIGHT 3 to 5 tonnes
  • PORTABILITY The portability of Chalet S must be moved

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