The Pineart concept

The Pineart concept is a mode of operation that offers those providing experiences as part of their business, a new way to bring about experiences for their clients that are up close to nature. Our newest product, the Panorama Design Hut, complements the Pine-building concept as a lodging space. The huts are equipped with the amenities required for an overnight stay or longer occupation. Because of its optimal size, the hut can be set up in the environment while respecting the natural landscape and, in such a way, that all the occupants of the hut can maintain their privacy. Key features of all Pineart products are the natural pine surfaces, the facade weathered with age and the drawing of the environment into the interior through the large windows. The Pineart concept offers an unhurried experience of accommodation and recreational activities in the natural environment that are being taken to a whole new level.

Could the Pineart concept form part of the experience vacations you offer? Our product development team are always open to new ideas and we are happy to listen to your thoughts on how the Pineart concept can best serve your clients.

More about projects


The traditional wilderness lodge Vaattunki on the Arctic Circle is surrounded by the natural beauty of rapids and the pure natural environment. Pineart has built the Vaattunki Panorama Design Hut village 2018 to include 20 experience huts. The concept features unique forest therapy in the snowy forest environment of Lapland. Check out the concept in more detail on the Wild Nordic website http://wildnordic.fi


Wild Nordic's fascinating Lighthouse Hotel is located at the foot of the Hailuoto lighthouse, in a beautiful panoramic location.
As part of the Lighthouse Hotel, Pineart is constructing the Panorama Design Hut fishing village where it will be possible to unwind and enjoy the experience huts in the middle of the islet marine environment. The village will consist of ten huts, as well as a sauna and fireplace. Check out the concept in more detail on the Wild Nordic website http://wildnordic.fi


In the covers of Lapland’s clean and magnificent nature, lies Sirmakko Reindeer Farm just on the edge of the beautiful lake called Perunkajärvi. In the Reindeer Farm’s area you can find the Kota-restaurant, which holds up to 50 people, and the magnificent panorama sauna. Check out the concept in more detail on the Sirmakko Website

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