In the bear’s footsteps

May 23, 2016

Hello. We, the founders of Pineart, would like to share our thoughts on how to theme nature as a cornerstone of a company. For centuries, the Nordic nations have utilised nature as part of their life and survival. The times and people have changed, but nature has endured and still functions as a source of income and creativity for many. Naturally, a business and an individual hunter-gatherer approach natural resources from very different angles. Similarities could perhaps be found in the ways of utilisation or in certain individual goals. There are differences between companies, as there are between individual hunter-gatherers...

We have created our Pineart ideology in the depths of the unique Nordic forest land. We have developed natural products that primarily include renewable, recyclable and re-usable materials. Still, the decision to create a concept for a strongly commercial purpose has required thought and sets strict demands for production. Obviously, we also had to have nature’s blessing for our products. As a result, the most important quality control could not be solely based on the ISO standards.

The Nordic nature has its own king. Back in the day, this meant the forest. The bear. The beloved giant carries many names in Finnish, and it still is the indisputable king of the forest. We decided that our products need the blessing of the king of the forest, sealed by the royal stamp. This is how the Käpälä idea was born, let the Pineart Käpälä products touch your senses. Strict requirements for an eco-product were set as a condition for receiving the stamp. Consumed energy must also come from self-sufficient sources, produced by either sun or wind. With these elements, we believe we are able to produce unique experiences for you, perhaps for the rest of your life. What if we all took a moment to enjoy ourselves, for example, in the nearby woods...

Wishing you many pine and tar scented moments,

Kari and the Pineart people

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