The logo that fell from a tree

May 27, 2016

In the beginning, there was pine, talent and desire. And an uncompromising goal to build experience rooms with respect for nature’s own design. Along with the building, the process of designing the company image and logo began. My task was to consider what kind of company image, logo and slogan would best express Pineart’s primary promise while still preserving the forest’s own voice.

I went on a journey of the imagination with a Lapland roamer. To dive into a rover’s mental landscape, I literally went to the woods. There is a place quite near me where the pine trees are curved and crooked, the rocks are covered by light grey lichen and the landscape is shaped by great differences in height. It is quiet and peaceful there, despite the noise from the nearby road.

I journeyed to the forest often, because it was a place where time stood still and you could let your thoughts roam free. The forest accepts a human being unconditionally, and it does not demand change. It gives you permission to stop and enjoy the forest’s scents and sounds. You can leave accomplishing behind and let creativity take over.

In addition to this special feeling, I also brought a pine tree branch, some cones and fallen needles to the design table, allowing the fresh resin scent to spread throughout the room. Soon the cones, branches and needles started to appear in the drafts as well. The company’s logo literally fell from a tree, as the simple shape of a pine needle came to life, forming a beautiful circle, a frame for this promise: Natural touch of Pure Pine.

Today, the design journey comes to an end as the logo and our company image are published. I will be very interested to see in what way the image touches you.

Tiia-Leena Haataja

CUVIO design

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